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a close up of a man wearing a hat

Fernando Camelo -Mudando Vidas


A 50-year-old man, fat, reddish eyes and a hat moving his mouth, red button-down blouse.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




DreamShaper XL1.0
DreamShaper XL1.0
alpha2 (xl1.0)
Run Count 1010641

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man wearing a hat who is talking to the camera. he appears to be in a relaxed and comfortable setting, and he continues to talk while looking off into the distance. the man's attire and surroundings suggest that he is in a casual or informal environment. the man's demeanor is calm and collected, and he seems to be enjoying the conversation. is short, and there is no indication of what the man is discussing or what his purpose is for speaking to the camera. however, his relaxed posture and the casual setting suggest that he is likely engaged in a leisurely activity or conversation.
Prompt 2: a man wearing a hat and a shirt, who is seen speaking to the camera. he is also seen smoking a cigarette and looking off into the distance. the man is seen in different positions throughout including sitting on a bench and standing in front of a building.