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a crowd of people walking down a city street

Coringa Mirro


depicts a large crowd of people standing next to each other, with many of them looking at their cell phones. the camera pans around the group, showing a man looking at his phone, and a woman looking at her phone. the people in the crowd are all wearing different clothing, with some in jeans and others in dresses. the crowd is quite large, with many people standing close together.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts a massive crowd of people walking and standing around, with many of them holding their cell phones up to take pictures. the camera pans around the crowd, showing different angles of the group of people and their activities. gives a sense of the bustling, vibrant atmosphere of a busy area, with people engaged in various activities.
Prompt 2: a large crowd walking down the street and looking at their phones. the people are engaged in texting on their cell phones, and some are even using their phones to take pictures. as the camera pans out, that the crowd is quite large, and the people are walking in the same direction. captures the social behavior of people in public places, their attachment to their cell phones, and how it affects their interaction with their surroundings.