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two anime characters standing next to each other



open cell ceiling görzeli oluştur




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: starts with two cartoon kittens showcasing their animated hats. the scene then changes, and the kittens are shown standing on a stage, with one of them wearing a white coat. the kittens are holding white hearts in their hands and are surrounded by neon lights. the stage has a black background, and the kittens are wearing headphones in their ears. the scene then transitions, and the kittens are seen standing in front of an angelic light. they are wearing white shirts and black pants with white hoodies. a pink cat is also present in the background, and the kittens are smiling while standing in front of the light. then shows the kittens dancing in front of the stage. lastly, a website address is displayed on the screen.
Prompt 2: two animated cats wearing headphones and standing in front of a green and white glowing background. the cats appear to be enjoying music as they are wearing headphones. is a cartoon-like animation and the cats are shown in different positions.