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a little girl in a dress standing in front of a house



Female child, (heat of a magical estate in Yorkshire, England background:1.2), (by Michelangelo).Model: RPG 4




Date Created

April 2,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a young girl with long blonde hair dressed in a pink dress, standing on a balcony and looking out at a beautiful garden. the camera pans around the garden, showing a variety of plants and flowers. the girl then walks down a set of stairs and continues to look around the garden. captures the beauty of the garden and the girl's enjoyment of it.
Prompt 2: a young girl with long blonde hair wearing a vintage dress, standing on a stone balcony. she is holding her hands on her lap and gazing off into the distance. the setting appears to be a large mansion with a green field in front of it. the girl's dress is adorned with lace and has a vintage feel, and her hair is styled in a simple and elegant bun. the background scenery includes trees and a blue sky, which adds to the overall charm of the girl's facial expression is calm and peaceful, suggesting that she is in a state of relaxation and contemplation. overall, portrays a serene and picturesque setting, with the girl as the focal point, dressed in a beautiful vintage dress and standing on a balcony overlooking the scenic landscape.