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the stormy sea with a huge wave breaking on the shore.

Wenchao Xiao


features a stormy ocean with large waves crashing against the shore. the waves are dark blue and turbulent, with some foam and spray visible. the background is dark and cloudy, with lightning and thunder in the distance. throughout the waves continue to crash against the shore, with some breaking in the distance. the overall scene is dramatic and intense, with the stormy weather creating a powerful and ominous atmosphere.




Date Created

March 14,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a powerful stormy ocean with waves crashing against the shore in a dark and gloomy atmosphere. the lightning in the distance adds an element of danger to the scene, emphasizing the strength of the ocean during a storm. the waves are enormous and seem to go on forever, making for a breathtaking and intense visual experience.
Prompt 2: depicts a massive stormy ocean with towering waves crashing against the shore in a dark and ominous atmosphere. the water is rough and choppy, with lightning illuminating the sky. the waves are enormous and relentless, creating a sense of danger and power. captures the raw intensity of a stormy ocean, making it a thrilling and awe-inspiring sight.