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a woman standing in front of a group of men



depicts a woman dressed in a suit and tie, surrounded by soldiers. she walks past them, and they all salute her. the soldiers seem to be in awe of her, and she appears to be in control of the situation.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman in a dress who is walking down a hallway with three men. she is holding a cigarette and smoking while walking. the men are dressed in military uniforms and are also smoking. the woman is seen walking away from the men and towards the camera. captures the woman's confident stride and the men's relaxed demeanor. the setting is a military base, and seems to be a casual moment between the woman and the men. provides a glimpse into the daily life of military personnel and their interactions with civilians.
Prompt 2: a woman walking past a group of soldiers in uniform. she looks confident and poised as she walks past them. the soldiers stand at attention, and the woman exudes a sense of authority and power as she walks by. the scene is set in a dark room with dim lighting, and the woman's outfit is elegant and sophisticated. the soldiers' uniforms are clean and well-fitted, and they all appear to be well-trained and disciplined. the atmosphere is tense and dramatic, and the woman's presence is commanding and assertive.