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a cartoon image of a man petting a flock of chickens



One day a man went to the chicken seller with a slaughtered chicken to cut it for him.he asked him to put the chicken to cut it later. after a while the judge came to buy a chicken for his house. the chicken seller told him that the chicken had run out and there was only this chicken that the man had left to cut. the judge asked the seller to sell him the man's chicken and tell the owner that it had flown. but the chicken seller was surprised by the judge's words and said to him: there is no mind to believe what you say.[٣] the judge said to the chicken seller: the owner of the chicken will come to sue you at me, don't worry; and then the owner of the chicken came wanting his chicken and the seller said to him: Your chicken has flown; the owner of the chicken shouted at him until the matter developed into a quarrel and together they went to the judge.[٣] when the chicken seller arrived at the judge and saw him, he smiled and thought that this judge was the same one who gave him the man's slaughtered chicken,




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts a man in a white robe interacting with a flock of chickens in a barn. he is seen holding out his hand and the chickens peck at his fingers. the man then proceeds to pet the chickens, and they continue to peck at his hand. showcases the man's interaction with the chickens in a peaceful and serene setting.
Prompt 2: a man interacting with a large group of chickens in a barn. he is seen feeding them and holding them in his arms. the chickens are seen pecking at his hand and eating from it. there are also other men in the barn with the man, and the chickens are seen pecking at them as well. also shows the man holding a chicken and a piece of food. overall, captures a man's interaction with a large flock of chickens in a barn.