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a woman walking through a group of soldiers



a woman in a suit walking down a dark street with three men in military uniforms. the woman is holding a bag and walks past a crowd of people. the men are dressed in green and brown uniforms. the woman and the men are seen walking and standing in the dark street, with the woman in the suit looking confident and the men in military uniforms looking serious. captures the woman's confident stride and the men's serious demeanor.




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May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman in a suit walking down a city street at night, accompanied by three men dressed in military uniforms. the woman is carrying a briefcase and is the main focus of the scene. as she walks, she is seen talking on her cell phone and looking at her watch. the men appear to be following her, and they are all dressed in the same attire. the scene is set in a dark and mysterious city, with neon lights and streetlights illuminating the surroundings. the woman's confident stride and the men's attentive gaze create an air of mystery and intrigue, leaving the viewer curious about what will happen next.
Prompt 2: depicts a woman walking down a dark and foggy street at night. as she walks, she passes by other people doing the same. suddenly, a group of soldiers appear, and they start walking down the same street. the woman seems to be walking in the opposite direction of the soldiers, but they eventually cross paths. the soldiers seem to be in a hurry, and the woman seems to be taking her time. captures the sense of mystery and suspense that comes with walking down a dark, foggy street at night.