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a group of people are silhouetted in the dark

anitadewi masitoh


a group of men dressed in medieval armor and clothing, riding horses and holding swords. the men are seen fighting each other in a dark and foggy environment. also features a man holding a torch and a man holding a sword in the dark. ends with the men riding away on their horses. showcases the men's skills in sword fighting and horsemanship, and the dark and foggy environment adds to the overall atmosphere of




Date Created

July 8,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a group of people who are riding horses. they are positioned in a dark field with their horses. as the camera pans, the group moving slowly towards the camera. the riders are dressed in medieval clothing, and the horses are brown in color. the camera angle changes, and a close-up of the horses' heads. the riders' faces are not visible, and the only light in the scene comes from the moonlight. the horses move in a slow and steady pace, and the riders keep their hands close to their swords. is shot in a black and white format, and the sound of the horses' hooves is audible in the background.
Prompt 2: a group of knights riding horses and holding swords. they are standing in a line and begin to move forward. the camera follows them as they move closer together. the knights continue to move forward and eventually disappear from the camera's view.