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a cat is dancing on a bed

Nelly Lebrun


a woman dressed in a grey costume, who starts dancing on a bed while looking at the camera. after dancing for a while, she stops and starts talking to the camera. showcases the woman's unique dance style and her ability to move gracefully in the costume. the viewer is treated to a visual spectacle of the woman's movements, which are fluid and expressive. also highlights the woman's confidence and her ability to engage with the camera, making it an enjoyable watch for the audience. overall, is a testament to the woman's talent and her ability to create a captivating performance.



Move AnimatorWj

Date Created

July 8,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a girl dressed in a grey monkey costume who dances and sings while holding a stuffed animal. she is wearing blue tights and a blue shirt, and her movements are graceful and fluid. captures her joyful and playful demeanor as she dances around the room, and the background is filled with various stuffed animals. ends with her holding the stuffed animal and smiling.
Prompt 2: a person wearing a grey costume and dancing in front of a chair. the person's movements are fluid and graceful as they dance with their hands stretched out. they then turn around and dance towards the camera, giving viewers a full view of their movements. the costume is well-fitted and highlights the person's agility and flexibility. the background is simple, with a chair and a blank wall. the person's dancing is both energetic and precise, captivating the audience's attention and evoking emotions of joy and freedom.