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the word "autumn" surrounded by leaves on a yellow background

Ирина Николаева


blows away the leaves




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a yellow background with leaves falling from the top left corner. the leaves are of different colors such as red, orange, and brown, and they are falling one by one. the background is yellow, and the leaves are falling slowly, creating a serene and calming effect. the leaves fall one by one, and they create a beautiful and mesmerizing visual effect. as the leaves fall, the camera captures the movement, and the sound of the leaves falling adds to the overall effect. ends with a single leaf falling from the top left corner. the entire video is of high quality and showcases the beauty of nature and the effects of the fall season.
Prompt 2: a yellow background with the word "autumn" written in brown on it. there are several leaves scattered around the background. then shows a man standing in front of a fireplace, with a fire burning in it. the man is wearing a red shirt and is holding a wine glass. he is standing in front of a yellow wall with a fireplace in the background. the man is holding a wine glass and appears to be enjoying the warmth of the fire. ends with the man blowing out the fire.