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an anime character laying on a pile of coins



a woman is seen lying on the ground surrounded by yellow balls, with a lot of coins scattered around her. the woman is seen smiling, and a lot of coins are shown falling from the sky. the woman then picks up one of the balls and hugs it to her chest. overall, portrays a serene and peaceful scene of a woman surrounded by yellow balls and coins.




Date Created

July 9,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man lying on the ground surrounded by many stuffed animals, including teddy bears. he is wearing a black coat and is holding a teddy bear in his arms. the man is wearing a necklace and has his eyes closed. the scene is accompanied by the sound of falling leaves. the man is holding a coin in his hand, which he then uses to pick up a teddy bear. the camera then pans out, revealing the man lying on the ground. overall, captures a peaceful and serene moment of a man surrounded by stuffed animals and enjoying the fall leaves.
Prompt 2: a man lying on the ground surrounded by a large number of stuffed animals. he is wearing a black jacket and has a chain around his neck. the man is seen smiling at the camera while the stuffed animals fall around him. the scene is set in a sunny location with a yellow background. the man is seen holding a stuffed animal in his hand and looking at the camera. ends with the man smiling at the camera.