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a woman is standing next to a frisbee

Dan Sutcliffe


a woman in a red and black dress who is singing into a microphone. she is joined by a man in a black suit who is also singing. the woman is seen dancing on stage while the man is standing next to her. the stage is decorated with blue lights and the woman is wearing a red and black dress. ends with the woman standing on stage and singing.



Move AnimatorWj

Date Created

March 28,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman with a microphone who performs on stage. she is wearing a black dress and sings while dancing. the stage is set up with blue lights, and the woman is the only person on stage. the woman's performance is the main focus of
Prompt 2: a woman walking out onto a stage while carrying a microphone. she starts singing while the audience watches. there are three people standing on the stage as well, and they all start singing. the stage lighting is colorful. the woman is wearing a black outfit and has black hair. the audience is young and wears casual clothes. the singer ends her performance by standing straight and waiting for the audience's response.