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an anime girl with long black hair and red eyes

Carlo Paolini


extremely detailed wallpaper, perfect lighting,(extremely detailed CG:1.2), 1girl, black hair, long hair, handsome, young, chinese chothes, open eyes, hanfu, looking at viwer, red ribbon, solo, nature background, best quality, masterpiece. ultra-high resolution, anime, determined look




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj



Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman with long hair and a white dress standing in a forest. she is holding a fan and looking off into the distance. the camera follows her as she walks through the woods, and she eventually stops to look at the camera.
Prompt 2: a woman with long black hair and white clothing, standing in a forest. she is holding a fan and is seen in different poses throughout the woman's hair is styled in different ways, including braids and ponytails. also shows the woman in a white dress and holding a knife. the forest setting and the woman's clothing suggest that may be related to a fantasy or fairy tale theme. the woman's poses and the use of a fan suggest that she may be a character in a story or a game. overall, showcases the woman's beauty and grace in a serene and natural setting.