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two anime girls wearing headphones and standing next to each other

Nelson Tovar


girl with a dove on her shoulder calmly walking on the park




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: two anime characters wearing headphones and standing in front of a halo. they are both wearing white jackets and are positioned in front of a black background. the characters are standing close to each other and appear to be enjoying themselves. seems to be promoting a product or service related to music or headphones. the characters are animated and appear to be having fun while showcasing the product. overall, is a simple yet effective advertisement for the product.
Prompt 2: two anime characters standing next to each other and wearing headphones. they are both wearing white hoodies, and there is a pink cat next to them. begins with a pink and white background, but as it progresses, the cat's eyes glow, and the background changes to a dark pink hue with green neon lights. the characters are shown wearing headphones, and the cat's eyes glow, giving it a ghostly appearance. ends with the characters standing side by side, and the cat's eyes glowing once again.