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a woman jogging on a dirt path near a body of water



a woman who is seen running in a field while using her phone. she is wearing a blue shirt and black shorts and is seen running with a dog in the background. the woman is also wearing a watch on her left hand. the field is surrounded by mountains, and the woman is running in the opposite direction of the dog. ends with the woman stopping to look at her phone.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a woman running through various scenes of nature, including a field, a path, and a beach. she runs while checking her phone, while occasionally stopping to stretch her legs. the backgrounds are colorful and diverse, including a lake, mountains, and water. the woman's running form is not shown in detail, but she appears to be in good physical shape. overall, provides a beautiful and inspiring view of the natural world and physical activity.
Prompt 2: a woman running on a road with mountains in the background. she is wearing a blue shirt and black shorts and is using her phone to track her run. the woman is also seen running on a dirt road near the water. she is also seen running on a path by the water and on a path in a field. captures the woman's running journey in different outdoor locations.