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a stack of books on a table next to a cell phone



showcases a person stacking a large number of books on top of each other on a table. the person then reads a book from the top of the stack, and the camera captures the scene from different angles. the book in close-up, and ends with the person turning the pages.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a person stacking books on a table. the person starts by stacking the books in a tower and then continues to add more books to the tower. the person continues to stack books on the tower and eventually finishes by stacking the books in a tower. is a simple demonstration of a person organizing books on a table.
Prompt 2: a person is seen picking up a book from a pile of books. the person then proceeds to build a tower of books, stacking them in a neat and tidy manner. the person carefully selects the books and places them on the table in a way that forms a tower. the books are of different sizes and shapes, but the person handles them with care, ensuring that they are stacked securely and don't fall down. the person continues to add more books to the tower, making sure that the tower remains stable and balanced. the person takes their time, carefully selecting each book and arranging it in a way that complements the others. the tower of books reaches a considerable height, and the person shows off their creation at the end. overall, showcases a person's impressive organization and attention to detail, as they create an aesthetically pleasing tower of books.