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a man standing in front of a door with fire coming out of it

Mauri Simão


a man walking down a path of fire, with flames engulfing the ground. he is wearing a dark coat and is the only person visible the camera captures the man's movements as he walks through the fire, with the flames illuminating his face and clothing. the man appears to be walking with purpose, and the fire seems to be getting bigger as he continues on his path. is a striking visual representation of the man's journey through a fiery landscape.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man walking through a dark and smoky room with flames everywhere. he is wearing a heavy coat and has a torch in his hand. the room is full of smoke, and the man seems to be looking around the room as the camera follows him. the man is walking through a dark room with flames all around him. the flames seem to be coming from all directions, creating a chaotic scene. the man seems to be unsure of where to go, as he is moving slowly and looking around the room. the smoke in the room is thick, making it difficult to see clearly. the dark room and the flames create a sense of danger and unease.
Prompt 2: a man walking through a dark hallway with flames burning on the walls. the man is wearing a jacket and pants, and he is carrying a lantern in his hand. the flames are flickering and casting a warm, orange glow throughout the hallway. as the man walks, he suddenly stops and stares at the flames, as if mesmerized by their flickering light. the man then turns and starts walking away from the camera, his silhouette casting a shadow on the wall. the flames continue to dance and flicker, casting a warm, inviting glow throughout the hallway.