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two young men holding hands in front of a circle

Antonia Nicoleta


two men standing in a room, shaking hands. they then stand in a circle with their hands locked together. the men seem to be in a competition, and they are trying to win. the room is dark, and there are no other people around. the men seem to be very serious about the competition, and they are both very focused on winning. ends with the men still standing in the circle, and it is unclear if they have won the competition or not.




Date Created

May 17,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts two men standing in a circle, shaking hands while a glowing blue circle appears beneath them. as they continue to shake hands, the circle gradually enlarges until it covers the entire frame. mainly focuses on the interaction between the two men and the circle's gradual expansion.
Prompt 2: two men standing in a room with a blue circle on the floor. they are holding hands and staring at each other. the men then begin to move their hands around in the circle, and the circle starts to glow. the men continue to move their hands around the circle, and the circle becomes brighter and brighter. eventually, the circle becomes too bright, and the men stop moving their hands. ends with the men standing in the circle, holding hands.