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two women holding hands in front of a circle

Antonia Nicoleta


two women standing in a room with a blue circle on the floor. they are holding hands and speaking to the camera. the women are wearing different colored shirts, one in a brown shirt and the other in a black shirt. the room has a blue wall and a window with a white curtain. the women are standing in front of a fireplace and a painting is visible in the background. seems to be a conversation between two individuals, possibly friends or family members.




Date Created

May 17,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts two women holding hands and making a circle. they then separate and put their hands in the air. ends with a light-up sign.
Prompt 2: starts with two women holding hands in a dark room with a circle of blue light on the ground. they stand in front of a wall with a painting of a woman and a blue light that appears out of nowhere. the women then hold hands and make a circle, with the light moving around them. they continue to hold hands and make circles with the light. the women then move closer to each other and make a circle with their hands. they hold hands and make circles with the light in the end.