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a woman running on a trail with a cell phone in her hand



a woman jogging in a beautiful natural environment. she is seen jogging on a road next to a lake, and she also runs on the beach. throughout she is captured running in various locations, including a trail surrounded by grass and a path surrounded by trees. the woman is seen using her phone while jogging, and she is also seen looking at her phone while running on the beach. captures the beauty of nature and the joy of running in different environments.




Date Created

March 28,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts a woman running and jogging on a trail near a body of water while using her phone. she appears to be enjoying her run as she smiles at the camera. the camera captures the scenic beauty of the surrounding area with mountains and water visible in the background. the woman continues to jog, and the camera captures her movements as she runs.
Prompt 2: a woman wearing a blue shirt and black shorts, who is jogging in a field with mountains and water in the background. she is using the gps function on her phone to track her distance. the woman is also recording herself with a camera and taking pictures while jogging. the terrain is uneven and rocky, but the woman continues to jog. she seems to be enjoying the nature and the exercise. towards the end of she is seen jogging with a dog and a man.