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a close up of a skull with red eyes

brutal trap mix brutal


a robot with a scary face and red eyes. the robot's face is adorned with red eyes and black hair, and it in various positions, including standing and sitting. the robot's face is also shown in close-up, and it has a red glowing light on its forehead. ends with the robot standing still.




Date Created

May 19,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: showcases a robot with a skull display, which includes an led screen that displays a skull with red eyes. the robot has a long black hairy neck and a black color. the display shows the robot's face as well, and the skull's teeth are illuminated red. also features a man with dreadlocks and a beard, with a black color shirt.
Prompt 2: a close-up shot of a robot with long red hair and black skin. the robot's face is made up of metal and black hair, and it has a red light on its forehead. the robot appears to be staring at the camera, and its face is surrounded by black hair. also features a close-up shot of a skull with a red light in the middle of its forehead. the skull has metal hair, and the man in the robot costume is staring at the camera. captures the robot's face and the man's face in the close-up shots. overall, showcases the robot's unique and intricate design.