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a close up of a robot with glowing eyes

brutal trap mix brutal


a close-up of a face with green eyes and a mouth, followed by a person's hand. the camera then moves to a close-up of a robot's face with green eyes and a mouth. the robot's face in various close-up shots, and the camera zooms in and out. ends with a close-up of the robot's face.




Date Created

May 19,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a robot with multiple eyes and tentacles, which appears to be a part of an advertisement. the robot in different positions and angles, and its eyes are glowing green. the background is mostly black, and the robot's tentacles are wriggling. ends with a close-up shot of the robot's face.
Prompt 2: a close-up of a robot with glowing eyes. the robot is seen moving its head back and forth while the camera zooms in and out. the robot's head is then displayed in detail, revealing its intricate mechanical parts. captures the robot's every movement, from its facial expressions to its body language. highlights the robot's advanced technology, giving an immersive experience of the robot's features. overall, is a visually stunning display of robotics, showcasing the robot's intricate details and movements.