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a close up of a robot with glowing red eyes

brutal trap mix brutal


showcases a robot with glowing red eyes, which is part of a larger machine. the robot is seen in different positions, including sitting on a chair, standing in front of a screen, and being held up by another person. the robot's glowing eyes are a prominent feature in each scene. also showcases the robot in a more menacing and aggressive pose, with its eyes glowing red and the machine being held up by a person. 's focus is on the robot's glowing red eyes, which create a sense of danger and intensity.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




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Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: opens with an animated robot with red eyes and a mouth that opens as the camera zooms in. the robot's eyes glow red as it appears to be angry, and its mouth opens wide. the robot's facial features are highly detailed, with intricate lines and patterns that give it a creepy and menacing appearance. the overall effect is quite unsettling and creates a feeling of unease in the viewer. ends with the robot's eyes glowing red and the mouth closing. overall, is a visually striking and unsettling portrayal of a robot with an angry and menacing demeanor.
Prompt 2: a close-up of a robot with glowing red eyes and a skull on its head. the robot's face is made of metal with a mechanical appearance. the camera zooms in on the robot's face, showing its mechanical parts, and the red eyes are illuminated by the camera's flash. the robot's face is the main focus of with the other elements appearing in the background. is short and to the point, showcasing the robot's unique and intricate design.