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a close up of a predator with glowing eyes

brutal trap mix brutal


a character with a green and black face, who is wearing a mask and has a metal exoskeleton. the character is seen walking and sitting in a chair. the character is also shown with a green light in its eyes. the scene is set in a dark room with a red light in the background. ends with the character sitting in the dark room.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: a man wearing a terminator-style mask with glowing red eyes. the mask is black and red and is positioned in the center of the screen. the man is seen staring at the camera with his glowing red eyes. the mask appears to be made of metal and has a silver band around the top. the man's teeth are visible, and he has a beard. the background appears to be a dark room with a bright light shining on the man. seems to be a promotional clip for a movie or a product related to the terminator franchise.
Prompt 2: a robot with a glowing face and black and red stripes. the robot's face is illuminated by a green light, and its body is made up of black and red stripes. the robot is seen in different positions, including standing in front of a wall and sitting on a chair. also shows a close-up of the robot's face and a person's hand holding a green light. the robot's movements are smooth and fluid, and it appears to be well-designed and functional. overall, showcases the robot's unique design and features, making it an interesting and engaging watch for those interested in robotics and technology.