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a close up of a demon with chains around it's neck

brutal trap mix brutal


a close-up of a creature with glowing red eyes, and the camera zooms in on its face. the creature then opens its mouth, revealing rows of sharp teeth. the camera then pans out to show the entire creature, which appears to be a demon or a monster. ends with the creature's face being shown again.




Date Created

May 14,2024Wj




1 ImageWj

Recommended Prompt

Prompt 1: depicts a dark and mysterious scene with a man in a black suit dressed in all black, with glowing red eyes. the camera captures his every movement as he turns his head from side to side, revealing his red eyes in the process. the man's menacing demeanor and the darkness surrounding him create a sense of unease and tension.
Prompt 2: a scary and mysterious character wearing a black suit. the character standing in different positions, with some shots featuring red and black lights. the character's suit is covered in dots, and at one point, a face is seen peering through the dots. also includes a shot of the character's face and a close-up of the character's hand, which holding a knife.